Guidance for Deemed Measures

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First and Second Baseline Definitions Acceptance of Deviation from Resolution E-5152, Section C.11

CPUC clarifies direction on E-5152 Section C.11 language citing changing fieldnames in the eTRM, CEDARS, and the CET. An alternative solution was identified and includes adding two new fields Case1stBaseline & Case2ndBaseline to help clarify how 1st and 2nd baseline fields correspond to Measure Application Types.

E-5152, D.16-018-019 2023 Aug 21 See history
Hard-to-Reach Customers CPUC Guidance on Use of Default NTGR for Hard-to-Reach Customers

Staff reviewed a request for clarification on how net-to-gross ratios should be applied to energy efficiency programs, projects and measures that target hard-to-reach customers. Staff determined that the 0.85 NTGR for HTR customers only applies to HTR customers as defined in D.18-05-041, Section 2.5.3 and must use a direct install (DI) delivery channel.

D.18-05-041, Section 2.5.3 2023 Aug 8 See history
Decision D.23-04-035 - Definition of 'Gas Measure' CPUC Guidance on Definition of 'Gas Measure' in Decision D.23-04-035

For the purposes of D. 23-04-035 we will consider any measure that burns natural gas (whether or not the measure also uses electricity) to be a natural gas measure.

D. 23-04-035 2023 Jun 14 See history
NTG Definition of "In the marketplace"

CPUC clarifies the definition of "available in marketplace for 2 years or less" as follows:

  • The technology has not been offered in a program for more than two years.
  • There are no current Federal minimum-efficiency performance standards, ENERGY STAR standards, California appliance, equipment, or lighting standards in Title 20 and Title 24 in effect for the technology.
  • The technology cannot be a more efficient version of an existing technology.
2023 Apr 18 See history
Building Vintage Joint Proposal Joint IOU Vintage Proposal Memo

This memo describes a consensus proposal from Southern California Edison Company (SCE), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E), and Southern California Gas Company (SCG) (together, the “Investor Owned Utilities” (IOUs)) regarding how to claim eTRM permuted building vintage for a given measure offering both near term and in the future.

2023 Mar 8 See history
Measure Package Plan Deemed Measure Package Plan Template

Measure Package Plan (MPP) Template to be used for new proposed measures and for early CPUC feedback on measure updates. 

2022 Oct 18 See history
NTG Guidance for NTG ratio for Nonresidential Package/Split System AC/HP 2022 Sep 27 See history
Duct Seal Guidance Memo CPUC Guidance Clarifying requirements for Residential Duct Seal and Duct Optimization

CPUC Memo providing Guidance to PA request to clarify the requirements for SWSV001-04 (Duct Sealing) and SWSV013-02 (Duct Optimization) measure packages related to the duct leakage test method, redcuction required for claims, and the building era.

2022 Aug 16 See history
Accelerated Replacement Deemed Measures Proposed Guidance re PoE Documentation for Deemed Measures Resolution E-5115 Preponderance of Evidence for Custom Measures 2022 Jul 26 See history
SWHC013 and SWHC014 Data Collection and Eligibility Clarification Guidance for Unitary HVAC Measure Packages SWHC013 and SWHC014 2022 Jul 1 See history
Measure Package Adoption Guidelines Guidance for PA adoption of Statewide Measure Packages

Guidance memo establishing procedures for PA adoption of Statewide Measure Packages

2022 Jun 9 See history
Rebate Greater than Incremental Measure Cost CPUC Guidance Requiring an Addendum to Measure Package Documenting Incentive Greater than Incrementa

Guidance and addendum document updated from the 5/18/2020 documeny to include all measures.

Decision 12-05-015 2022 Jun 2 See history
Incremental Measure Cost CPUC Guidance on the use of Negative Incremental Measure Cost (IMC) in the Cost Effectiveness Tool

This guidance instructs the PAs to use zero for measure packages with negative IMC in the CET and use the standard addendum template for rebates greather than IMC values.

2022 Mar 14 See history
RACC Addendum Guidance for Submitting a Refrigerant Avoided Cost Addendum to MPs

PAs are required to submit an addendum with the Refrigerant Avoided Cost Calculator (RACC) for measure packages that add refrigerant amount including fuel substitution and electric water heater to heat pump water heater measures.

2022 Mar 14 See history
Water Energy Nexus Guidance and Calculator

It is recommended that users always verify whether a newer version has become available at

See for more information 2022 Jul 29 See history
Energy Plus EnergyPlus files memo_PA response_01-14-2022

EnergyPlus migration summary for PY 2024-25 measures after IOU review

2022 Mar 12 See history
Energy Plus EnergyPlus files memo_12-16-2021

EnergyPlus migration summary for PY 2024-25 measures

2022 Mar 12 See history
MP Cover Sheet MP Submission Cover Sheet_v6

Version 6 of the MP Cover Sheet Template for all eTRM measure package submissions. Effective 2022-02-02.

2022 Mar 11 See history