Archived ExAnte Change Log

Date Category DEER Version db.table Description Status Actions
2020 Dec 18 Error Correction DEER2021 EnergyImpact Revised 64 DEER2021 EnergyImpact records for two residential duct sealing measures so that BldgHVAC=rNCGF at BldgType=Res uses NormUnit=Cap-Tons. Updated
2020 Dec 15 Error Correction DEER2020 EnergyImpact For refrigerator and freezer measures using the following EnergyImpactIDs, the normalizing unit (NormUnit) was changed from 'Area-ft2' to 'Household': Res-Frzr-dKWH-Cond and Res-Refg-dKWH-Cond. These EnergyImpactIDs are used by 34 freezer and 130 refrigerator measures, respectively. Updated
2020 Nov 19 Error Correction DEER2021 EnergyImpact Created DEER2021 EnergyImpact records for two residential duct sealing measures so that BldgHVAC=rNCGF uses NormUnit=kBTUh (corrected from NormUnit=Tons). See Res_Duct-Sealing_NormUnit=kBtuh_rNCGF_2020-11-19.xlsx for conversion factors used. Updated
2020 Nov 19 Error Correction DEER2021 Measure Created DEER2021 Measure records for two residential duct sealing measures (Res-DuctSeal-HighToLow=wtd and Res-DuctSeal-MedToLow-wtd) to support above error correction. Updated
2020 Oct 12 Error Correction DEER2020 EnergyImpact Added missing records for MFm & DMo building types in CZ14-CZ16 for 92 EnergyImpactIDs. Also revised Res building type records in same climate zones influenced by the records that were added. Updated
2020 Sep 17 Error Correction DEER2020, D20v1 EnergyImpact Added 32 missing records for 'RB-HV-DuctSeal-HighToLow' and 'RB-HV-DuctSeal-MedToLow' EnergyImpact records (for MFm/DMo buildings in CZ14/CZ15/CZ16, Existing building vintage). Also replaced 24 records for the same measures, for BldgType = Res. NormUnit is Cap-Tons for all records. Updated
2020 Sep 16 Error Correction DEER2021, Water Heater Calculator v4.2 EnergyImpact Corrected errors in BldgType=Com EnergyImpact records for all DEER2021 water heater measures. Updated
2020 Sep 15 Update DEER2022 Measure Description for measure 'Res-DuctSeal-MedToLow-wtd' modified from 'Residential: Duct Sealing (Total Leakage Reduced from High (25/24%) to Low (15/12%)' to 'Residential: Duct Sealing (Total Leakage Reduced from Medium (25/24%) to Low (15/12%)'. Updated
2020 Sep 11 Planned DEER Update DEER2022 Measure, EnergyImpact, EUL_basis, & NTG_2020 Performed annual migration of preliminary changes in PEAR to the ExAnte database per DEER2022 Update Resolution E-5082 Updated
2020 Apr 15 Extension DEER2015 Measure Extended small instantaneous water heater measures:
  • NG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p82EF-40g
  • NG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p92EF-40g
  • Updated
    2020 Mar 18 Error correction DEER2020 Measure Expired all DEER2020 lighting measures since only non-DEER lighting measures are valid Updated
    2020 Feb 17 Error correction DEER2020 2020-Com-InLtg Revised PA = Any records Updated
    2019 Nov 7 Resolution DEER2020 2020-Com-InLtg, 2020-Res-InLtg Added PA = Any records. Updated
    2019 Oct 4 Planned DEER Update DEER2021 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact DEER2021 updates have been added to the Ex Ante database from the PEAR database. Updated
    2019 Jan 12 Ad hoc update DEER2019 Measure, MeasureExt, and EnergyImpact Re-migrated tables to address reported issue of missing EnergyImpactID values in READI © . Updated
    2019 Jan 3 Update DEER2019 TechType, Technology, UseCategory, and UseSubCategory Added reported missing records for UEF-rated storage and instantaneous water heaters so that savings and EnergyImpactIDs appear in READI © . Updated
    2018 Dec 7 Planned DEER Update DEER2019 MeasImpactType, DeliveryType, MeasAppType, and BldgVint Added StartDate and ExpiryDate fields to the MeasImpactType, DeliveryType, and MeasAppType support tables and added new categories effective 1-1-2019 per Resolution E-4952. Added StartDate and ExpiryDate fields to the BldgVint support table and added new categories effective 1-1-2020. Updated
    2018 Feb 7 Correction DEER2014 Measure The descriptions for two heat pump HVAC measures from DEER2014 have been corrected. The measure technology description for MeasureIDs "NE-HVAC-airHP-SpltPkg-135to239kBtuh-11p5eer-3p2cop" and "NE-HVAC-airHP-SpltPkg-135to239kBtuh-12p0eer-3p2cop" were incorrectly specified as 10.8 EER, though the MeasureIDs specify the correct EER values of 11.5 and 12.0, respectively. The energy impacts for these measures have not changed. Completed
    2017 Oct 27 Correction DEER2015 Measure The 13 DEER2015 residential heatpump water heater measure definitions are updated to have an ExpiryDate of 12-31-2016. These measures were updated with new measure definitions for DEER2017, which have a StartDate of 1/1/2017. Completed
    2017 Oct 19 Addition <br/> Update <br/> Correction DEER <br/> ExAnte Measure Lighting dispostion updates and additions, as described in this workbook , are included in the update as well as corrections to the latest DEER update based on this workbook . Completed
    2017 Sep 22 Addition DEER2017 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact Data from the June 2017 DEER Update have been added to the Ex Ante database. These data were previously only in the PEAR database. The EUL table format has been updated to the format previously in the PEAR database. The Data Dictionary table has been updated. Completed
    2017 May 31 Addition DEER2017 Measure LED measures from the July 2016 LED WRR lighting dispostion have been added to the ex ante database. These measures have been in the PEAR database since 2016. To find these measures, enter "LED-WRR" in the Measure search box and select [Source Description] from the seach pull-down list. Updated 2017-05-31
    2016 Oct 27 Correction DEER2017 EnergyImpact The values for the "NumUnit" field for residential gas furnace measures that were updated for DEER2017 are corrected. Prior to this update, the values were incorrectly multiplied by an HIR scale factor of 1/0.124. None of the DEER unit energy savings values have changed with this update. The "NumUnit" field is used to document assumptions used in the simulation of the DEER measures and is not used for determining any cost-effectiveness values. Updated 2016-10-27
    2016 Oct 21 Planned DEER Update DEER2016 MeasureCost Measure cost records added for DEER2016 are corrected with a status = Available so that they appear in the ex ante database. Prior to this correction, the records did not appear in READI © , though they appeared in the PEAR database. No values are changed with this correction. Updated 2016-10-21
    2016 Aug 30 DEER Update DEER2017/18 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact A workbook with DEER2017 and DEER2018 Measure records and associated EnergyImpacts records is posted to the Additional Resources section of the DEER2017 and DEER2018 web pages. The energy impacts are provided in the "Measure Energy Impacts" format, documented here . Software used to develop the DEER2017 and DEER2018 energy impacts is updated to reflect final changes made in response to comments received. Select the DEER2017 or DEER2018 page on for the links to the workbook and the MASControl2 © software. Updated 2016-08-30
    2016 Aug 20 Planned DEER Update DEER2016 MeasCost Measure cost records from DEER2016 that were marked as Proposed in the PEAR database have been added in the ex ante database. Updated 2016-08-20
    2016 Aug 20 Planned DEER Update DEER2017 <br/> DEER2018 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact <br/> MeasCost DEER2017 and DEER2018 updates have been added to the ex ante database from the PEAR database. Select the DEER2017 and DEER2018 pages on for more information. Updated 2016-08-20
    2016 Jul 11 Planned DEER Update DEER2017 <br/> DEER2018 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact Proposed updates for DEER2017 and DEER2018 have been added to the Preliminary Ex Ante Review database during the review period. Select the DEER2017 and DEER2018 pages on for more information. Updated 2016-07-11
    2015 Dec 11 Correction DEER2015 <br/> DEER2016 Measure <br/> MeasureCost The DEER2015 Freezer technology definitions have been updated to correct the rated-kWh. This update increases the energy impacts associated with the DEER2015 Freezer measures. An updated workbook has been posted to the DEER2015 web page.

    The MeasureCost table has bee updated based on corrections to the linear fluorescent fixture and CFL lamp cost workbooks. See the updated workbooks ( CFL Costs , Linear Fluorescent Costs ) for a description of the cost calculations.

    Ten missing Lighting Disposition measures were added to the database. See this workbook for details on the added measures and technologies.
    Updated 2015-12-11
    2015 Oct 30 Correction DEER2014 Measure The Measure definition for MeasureID = 'R-InCmn-LED-CanRet(10w)-dWP24' has been updated to reference the intended residential common area hours-of-use (6140 hours) as documented instead of the standard residential CFL hours-of-use (541). The MeasEnImp table has been updated and consolidated into a single table. Updated 2015-10-30
    2015 Oct 23 Update DEER2016 MeasureCost The descriptions of the baseline CFL cost records for the DEER2016 Measure Costs have been updated. The previous descriptions indicated that the baseline technology consists of 60% CFL and 40% Incandescent instead of the other way around. MeasureCost IDs and specified cost values have not been impacted. Updated 2015-10-23
    2015 Oct 20 Update DEER2016 NTG In response to the proposed decision in energy efficiency rulemaking R.13-11-005:
    • All proposed updates for 2015 Uncertain Measures and DEER2016 will be effective 1/1/2016.
    • The Appliance Recycling Program (ARP) measures have been updated based on commission direction and DEER-team identified errors in the proposed values and will have an effective date of 1/1/2016.
    • The ARP Net-to-Gross values have been updated due to the ARP impact values update mentioned above.
    • The supporting documentation on ARP analysis and results have been updated and augmented. See the 2015 Uncertain Measures Update page under the DEER Versions menu for the updated documentation.
    Updated 2015-10-20
    2015 Oct 16 Update DEER2016 NTG The DEER2016 NTG update workbook and NTG database table have been revised for clarity and to allow all rows to be displayed within the READI © Support Tables. The updates are highlighted in the workbook and include a revision to the specified DeliveryType field for 11 of the NTG records. None of the NTG IDs or values have changed with this update. Updated 2015-10-16
    2015 Oct 9 Correction DEER EnergyImpact The Residential Common-Area Lighting energy impacts are corrected. The previous values included demand values in Watts instead of kiloWatts (i.e. were 1000x too large). Thanks to engineers at SCE for providing the information leading to this correction. See this workbook for a list of all measures affected.

    The 2016 Lighting Summary support tables is corrected. The CDF and EFLH fields in the previous version was not fully updated from the previous DEER2014 Lighting Summary table.
    Updated 2015-10-09
    2015 Sep 4 Addition DEER2016 exante1314
    DEER Cost records added to the MeasureCost table and Cost references added to DEER measures that utilize these cost records. Also, a number of changes and additions have been made to support cost-effectiveness processing for 2016 claims:
    • Start and Expiry dates are added to the GSIA and EUL tables to support cost-effectiveness values processing.
    • Status field in the main ex ante tables have been updated to reflect a record's availability to Claims. Status is either:
      • Available: available for use in Claims
      • Proposed: record is a proposed addition currently in the review period
      • NotAvailable: record is not available for use in Claims
      • Other: this is a temporary status used to transition some 2013-14 PA ex ante data for use in 2016 claims, equivalent to NotAvailable but may be updated to Available as the PA ex ante data applicability is verified
    • ReviewStatus field added to main ex ante tables to augment the status field and/or document how a Status was determined
    • MeasType (Measure Type) field added to Measure table to identify measures used for processing. This information was previously part of the Status field.
    • PA-specific Measure ID fields are added to the Measure table to allow PAs to identify DEER Measures based on their internal codes. This field is for PA reference and documentation only, it is not a required field:
      • MeasID_PGE: a PG&E measure ID for the Measure record.
      • MeasID_SCE: a SCE measure ID for the Measure record.
      • MeasID_SDG: a SDG&E measure ID for the Measure record.
      • MeasID_SCG: a SoCalGas measure ID for the Measure record.
    • The optional Implementation.MeasEnQual field is renamed to MeasQualifier and the optional Measure.Qualifier field is renamed to MeasQualifierGroup to be consistent with how the fields are used when determing cost effectiveness values.
    • DEER2015 measures with the same MeasureID but with a different Version have been assigned a MeasQualifierGroup to facilitate referencing specific versions from an Implementation record, the MeasureIDs have not changed:
      • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-30G-0p65EF
      • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-30G-0p70EF
      • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p67EF
      • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p70EF
      • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p67EF
      • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p70EF
      • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-30G-0p65EF
      • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-30G-0p70EF
      • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p67EF
      • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p70EF
      • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p67EF
      • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p70EF
    Note: None of these changes/additions impact the minimum requirements for PA submitted ex ante data.
    Comment Period 2015-09-04
    2015 Jul 1 Correction DEER2015 Measure An incorrect EnergyImpact reference for some DEER2015 Residential Outdoor CFL Lamp measures caused the measures to have no associated EnergyImpact values. All DEER2015 (Version = "DEER2015") residential outdoor lighting measures (UseSubCategory= "OutGen" and TechType = "CLFint_lamp) now resolve to energy impacts. Updated 2015-07-01
    2015 Jul 1 Update DEER13,14,16 Measure Additional disposition lighting measures were added to the current ex ante database. These new LED lamp and fixture measures were required based on aligning SDGE measure definitions and the lighting disposition. All records have a SourceDesc = 'WPSDGENRLG0106' and have Status = 'Review'. Updated 2015-06-23
    2015 May 25 Update DEER2016 EnergyImpact The Draft DEER2016 Commercial Indoor Linear Fluorescent, CFL and High Bay energy impacts are updated. The initial DEER2016 values included demand values in Watts instead of kiloWatts and some linear fluorescent impacts referenced high bay impacts. Updated 2015-05-25
    2015 May 19 Planned Update DEER2015 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact <br/> NTG <br/> EUL Proposed DEER2015 Uncertain Measure Updates added to Ex Ante database. All new and updated measures are marked with "Status" = 'Review' and "ReviewComment" includes 'DEER2015 ...'. Visit the DEER2015 Uncertain Measure Update web page for details on the proposed changes. Comment Period
    2015 May 19 Planned Update DEER2015 NTG The NTG table has been updated to support the DEER2015 Uncertain Measure and DEER2016 Updates. Comment Period
    2015 May 15 Planned Update DEER2016 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact <br/> NTG <br/> EUL Proposed DEER2016 Measures and EnergyImpacts added to Ex Ante database. All new and updated measures are marked with "Status" = 'Review' and "ReviewComment" = 'DEER2016 Comment Period'. Visit the DEER2016 web page for details on the proposed changes. Comment Period
    2015 May 15 Update Indoor Com Ltg Measure The classification field Use-Subcategory for commercial indoor general lighting measures has been expanded to differentiate measures that use Linear Fluorescent, CFL and High Bay hours-of-use and peak coincident demand. This update coordinates with the DEER2016 Update and helps identify the measures impacted by DEER2016 proposed changes. Updated 2015-05-15
    2015 Apr 26 Addition DEER2011 <br/> DEER2014 <br/> EnergyImpact When the energy impacts for the new DEER2015 version of the measure RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p67EF were added to the combined database (exante1314) on 2015-3-19, the energy impacts for the DEER2011 and DEER2014 versions of the measure were overwritten. The results for these measures were still available in the DEER2011 and DEER2014 databases. The energy impacts for these versions have been restored in the combined database. Updated 2015-04-26
    2015 Apr 17 Correction DEER2014 <br/> 2014-Res-InLtg-CFL One record in the lighting HVAC interactive effects table "2014-Res-InLtg-CFL" has been corrected. The values for SDGE, existing vintage, DMO building type and CZ06 location were incorrect. The kWh, kW and therm values are updated to 1.09, 1.35 and -0.016 respectively from 0.277, 0.343 and -0.00369. Updated 2015-04-17
    2015 Apr 2 Addition DEER2015 exante1314 Three DEER2015 Measures along with supporting Technology and EnergyImpact data added based on SCG "DEER Measure Addition Request" of 3/31/2015:
    • NG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p67EF
    • NG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p84EF-82EF
    • NG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p92EF-82EF
    See Measure and EnergyImpacts in READI © to review; comments due by 4/16/2015.
    Comment Period until 4/16/2015
    2015 Mar 19 Addition DEER2015 exante1314 Three DEER2015 Measures along with supporting Technology and EnergyImpact data added based on SCG "DEER Measure Addition Request" of 3/18/2015:
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p67EF
    • NG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p82EF-40g
    • NG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p92EF-40g
    Note: original definition for the first measure defined the recovery efficiency as 0.810. This was a typo and has been corrected to 0.801 and the associated energy impacts have been updated. See Measure and EnergyImpacts in READI © to review; comment period extended to 4/16/2015.
    Comment Period until 4/16/2015
    2015 Mar 18 Addition DEER2011 EnergyImpact Added 12 Energy Impact records for Residential Indoor Common-Area lighting measures. The new energy impact records are for EnergyImpactID = "Res-Iltg-Cmn-dWatt-CFL" and "Res-Iltg-Cmn-dWatt-LF" with BldgLoc = "IOU" and are were derived using the standard IOU-territory residential weights. The 155 disposition lighting measures in the "Indoor Common Area" use subcategory now include the IOU location weighted energy impacts. Updated 2015-03-18
    2015 Mar 10 Addition DEER2014 exante1314 PGE "pre-code update" ex ante data added for 13-14 cycle. The 1053 Implementations and their supporting data (including Measures, Energy Impacts, Costs, NTG and EUL records) have a Start Date of 1/1/2013. "Post-code update" data, not yet added to the database, will cause some of these Implementations to expire on 6/30/2014. Updated 2015-03-10
    2015 Mar 4 Correction DEER2011 Measure EUL_ID for DEER2011 residential refrigerant charge measures in the combined database (exante1314) set to "HV-RefChrg". Previous EUL_ID included a reference to the residential building type, but the EUL record for all building types are identical and were consolidated in the combined database. Updated 2015-03-04
    2015 Feb 25 Update DEER2014 Measure <br/> Technology Lighting disposition measures updated based on latest lighting disposition. All measures have VersionSource = 'Lighting Disposition' Updated 2015-02-25
    2015 Feb 17 Addition DEER2014 EUL <br/> TechType <br/> UseSubCategory Classification and EUL records have been added to support PA ex ante data for Food Service: Hand wrap machine.
    • EUL_ID = FoodHandWrap (10 years - subject to review)
    • UseCategory, UseSubCategory:Food Service, Packaging (Packaging)
    • TechGroup, TechType:Food Service, Hand Wrap Machine (HandWrap)
    Updated 2015-02-17
    2015 Feb 7 Addition DEER2014 EUL EUL records have been added that support PA submitted ex ante data and the lighting dispostion. A number of EUL records have been deleted that were redundant or not applicable.See Updated-EULrecords_02-07-2014.xls for details on the changes to the EUL table. Updated 2015-02-07
    2015 Feb 4 Addition DEER2014 TechType <br/> UseCategory <br/> UseSubCategory
    Addition of proposed classification records to support submitted Ex Ante data:
    • TechType: Cycling Air Dryer,
    • TechType: Non-Cycling Air Dryer,
    • TechType: Zero-loss condensate drain,
    • TechType: Timer condensate drain,
    • TechType: Whole building retrofit package,
    • TechType: Residential Energy Audit,
    • UseCategory: Whole Building,
    • UseSubCategory: Whole Building Upgrade,
    • UseSubCategory: Audit,
    • UseSubCategory: Testing Services
    See READI© Classification tables for additional details.
    Updated 2015-02-04
    2015 Feb 2 Addition DEER2014 EUL
    Addition of proposed EUL records to support submitted Ex Ante data:
    • OzoneGen: Ozone Generator for commercial laundry,
    • CompAir-CycAirDryr: Compressed Air System - Cycling-Air Dryer,
    • HVAC-QMPkg: Quality Maintenance,
    • PumpTurbWell: Ag Pump - Turbine Well,
    • PumpCentBstr: Ag Pump - Centrifugal Booster,
    • PumpTurbBstr: Ag Pump - Turbine Booster,
    • PumpSubWell: Ag Pump - Submersible Well,
    • PumpSubBstr: Ag Pump - Submersible Booster
    Updated 2015-02-02
    2014 Dec 8 Update DEER2015 EnergyImpact The water heater calculator has been updated ( DEER-WaterHeater-Calculator-v1.1.xlsm ). The annual therm usage reported in the TechResults table in v1.0 did not include the auxiliary gas use. For commercial gas water heaters, this lead to a slight reduction in reported annual savings (1-3%) when fewer measures technology units were required comapared to the required pre-existing technology units. Energy impacts for all DEER2015 water heaters have been updated to be consistent with the latest water heater calculator. Updated 2015-01-24
    2014 Nov 30 Correction DEER2015 Measure The following measure names were updated to reflect the measure technology; energy impacts and technology descriptions have not changed:
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p72EF => RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-40G-0p82EF
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p62EF => RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p67EF
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p67EF => RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p70EF
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p70EF => RG-WtrHt-SmlStrg-Gas-lte75kBtuh-50G-0p82EF
    Updated 2014-11-30
    2014 Nov 26 Addition DEER2015 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact
    At SCG's request, two additional water heater measures were added to DEER2015. These following two MeasureIDs are residential instantaneous water heaters that replace 40 gallon gas storage water heaters.
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p82EF-40g
    • RG-WtrHt-SmlInst-Gas-150kBtuh-lt2G-0p92EF-40g
    Added 2014-11-26
    2014 Nov 24 Planned Update DEER2015 Measure <br/> EnergyImpact
    DEER2015 measures and energy impacts have been updated along with a response to comments submitted by SCE and SCG on the DEER2015 Code Update.
    • Energy impacts for packaged AC measures for the ERC building type (relocatable classroom) in climate zone CZ10 are updated
    • Energy impacts for SEER-rated HP measures for the RSD building type (sit-down restaurant) are updated
    • Energy impacts for all refrigerator measures are updated based on a change in the calculated Adjusted Volume
    • Two additional size ranges are included for refrigerator measures: Small (13 - 16 ft3) and Very Small (<13 ft3)
    • 16 additional refrigerator measures covering four categories of compact refrigerators are included
    • 4 additional refrigerator measures for extra-large bottom-mount refrigerators are included
    • Energy impacts for the water heater measure: NE-WtrHt-SmlStrg-HP-lte12kW-50G-2p40EF are updated
    • Status of all DEER2015 measures have been updated from "Review" to "Standard"
    • Documentation workbooks have been updated, these workbooks are linked on the DEER2015 page of
    • The simulation software (MASControl©) has been updated with the latest changes used to update the DEER2015 measures (link on DEER2015 page of
    Updated 2014-12-04
    2014 Nov 7 Correction DEER2014 exante1314
    DEER2014 above code/standard energy impacts for refrigerators and freezers are updated in the exante1314 database. Prior to this correction, DEER2014 above-code energy impacts for these measures were zero:
    • RE-Appl-ESFrzr-ChstManDef-700kWh-368kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESFrzr-UpAutoDef-849kWh-642kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESFrzr-UpManDef-708kWh-409kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-BMLrg-573kWh-487kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-BMSml-518kWh-447kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-SMLrg-921kWh-565kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-SMLrgIce-821kWh-620kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-SMMed-703kWh-528kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-SMMedIce-835kWh-543kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-TMLrg-697kWh-452kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-TMMed-652kWh-399kWh
    • RE-Appl-ESRefg-TMSml-621kWh-357kWh
    Updated 2014-11-07
    2014 Nov 7 Correction DEER2011 exante1314
    For the DEER2011 dishwasher measures it was determined that the typical pre-existing dishwasher met or exceeded existing code requirements. The code/standard technology case for these measures should have been defined the same as the pre-existing technology. Instead, the code/standard technology was undefined and therefore above code/standard energy impacts for the DEER2011 dishwasher measures are zero. With this correction, the code/standard technology is specified to be the same as the pre-existing technology and above-code/standard energy impacts are corrected to be the same as above pre-existing energy impacts for the following DEER2011 Measures:
    • Dishwasher-EnStar-Level1-wtd
    • Dishwasher-EnStar-Level2-wtd
    • Appl-Dishwash-StdSize-ElecDHW-0p65EF
    • Appl-Dishwash-StdSize-ElecDHW-0p68EF
    • Appl-Dishwash-StdSize-GasDHW-0p65EF
    • Appl-Dishwash-StdSize-GasDHW-0p68EF
    Updated 2014-11-07
    2014 Oct 29 Correction DEER2014 exante1314 An error in the technology specification results in zero energy savings being reported for two measures in the exante1314 database:
    • Res-Lighting-InGen_CFLratio0409_CFLscw-Refl-15w
    • Res-Lighting-InGen_CFLratio0409_CFLscw-Refl-23w
    These measures and associated energy impacts were correct in the DEER2011 and DEER2014 versions of the database and have now been fixed in the combined database.
    Updated 2014-10-29
    2014 Oct 17 Update DEER2011 <br/> DEER2014 <br/> ElecImpactProfile ElecImpactProfile Table: PA field values "SDGE" changed to "SDG" to be consistent with PA codes. Updated 2014-10-17
    2014 Oct 17 Update DEER2011 <br/> DEER2014 MajorVersion MajorVersion table updated to reflect current version options and to fix discrepancy between values used in various DEER tables. Updated 2014-10-17
    2014 Oct 17 Update DEER2011 <br/> DEER2014 NTG Record with NTG ID = Ag-IRFilm was changed to Ag-Irfilm for consistency and compatibility with measure definitions. Updated 2014-10-17
    2014 Oct 17 Update DEER2015 BldgType Building "Sub-sector" activity areas: A new building type category is added that breaks out specific activity areas of a building type. The weights associated with the activity area are defaulted to the weights assigned to the parent building type. The activity areas used for water heating measures added for DEER2015 include Hotel Guestroom (HGR) and University Dormitory (EUD). Updated 2014-10-17
    2014 Oct 17 Update DEER2011 <br/> DEER2014 NormUnit Normalizing Units table: the entry with "NormUnit" = tbd removed. Updated 2014-10-17
    2014 Jul 1 Addition DEER2011 <br/> DEER2014 NormUnit
    EUL records for LED lighting technologies added, including outdoor lighting incandescent pre-existing technology:
    • OLtg-Com-LED-20000hr
    • OLtg-Com-LED-15000hr
    • OLtg-Com-LED-50000hr
    • ILtg-Com-LED-20000hr
    • ILtg-Com-LED-15000hr
    • ILtg-Com-LED-50000hr
    • OLtg-Res-LED-20000hr
    • OLtg-Res-LED-15000hr
    • OLtg-Res-LED-50000hr
    • ILtg-Res-LED-20000hr
    • ILtg-Res-LED-15000hr
    • ILtg-Res-LED-50000hr
    • ILtg-HID
    • OLtg-Incand-Com
    Updated 2014-07-01
    2014 Mar 17 Addition DEER2014 Measure The descriptions for two measures in DEER2014 and DEER2011 have been updated:
    • RE-HV-ResHP-13p0S-8p1H: Code technology is 13 SEER, 7.7 HSPF heat pump, not 13 SEER 8.1 HSPF. The above-code energy savings for this measure is due to the more efficient heating mode compared to the code requirement.
    • NE-HVAC-airHP-Pkg-lt55kBtuh-13p0seer-7p7hspf: Measure Technology includes premium efficiency supply fan motor whereas the code technology has a high efficiency supply fan motor. The above-code energy savings for this measure is due to the more efficient supply fan motor option compared to the code requirement.
    Updated 2014-03-17
    2014 Mar 5 Addition DEER2014 Measure
    • One commercial hot water heater measure that was not showing up in READI© due to a missing value has been restored. The measure is "High Efficiency Large Gas Storage Water Heater - 0.90 Et" with measureID = NG-WtrHt-LrgStrg-Gas-gte75kBtuh-0p90Et.
    • The "Measure Energy Impact" CSV files for each IOU have been updated to reflect the additional measure and to correct a CSV formatting issue. The updated files are available on the "DEER2014 Code Update" page of
    Updated 2014-03-05
    2014 Feb 20 Addition DEER2014 EnergyImpact
    • The issue with "New" vintage results for commercial HVAC measures identified on 12-Feb-2014 has been fixed and the DEER2014 database has been updated with corrected values.
    • A new lighting interactive effects workbook has been posted on This version reconciles the difference that stems from how significant figures are handled between energy impacts calculated with published hours-of-use, coincident demand factor and interactive effects and the energy impacts calculated by READI©.
    • Measure Energy Impacts tables for each IOU have been posted in the "Documentation and Resources" section of DEER2014. These tables contain the new and existing building vintage energy impacts for all measures. Note: Measure energy impacts for all building vintages and all IOUs are available via the READI© interface or by accessing the "MeasEnImp" table in the deer2014 database directly; write to for information on accessing the DEER PostgresQL database tables directly.
    Updated 2014-02-20
    2014 Feb 12 Addition DEER2014 EnergyImpact The weighting of energy impacts for three HVAC measures has been updated. Prior to this update, these measures incorrectly weighted the "zero impact" records for recent vintages (2014, 2011 and 2007 vintages) into the "existing" vintage energy impacts. The updated process weights only those vintages for which the measure is applicable (i.e. has savings) and leads to approximately a 10% increase for the existing vintage energy impacts for the following commercial HVAC measures:
    • NE-HVAC-airAC-Pkg-lt55kBtuh-13p0seer
    • NE-HVAC-airAC-Split-lt55kBtuh-13p0seer
    • NE-HVAC-airHP-Split-lt55kBtuh-13p0seer-7p7hspf
    In addition to these updates, the "New" vintage results for commercial HVAC measures have been identified as improperly based on the 2011 vintage building specifications. For measures where the code level changed from 2011 to 2014 vintage, this error can result in very overstated savings. The "New" vintage results for commercial HVAC measures have been temporarily removed from DEER2014 while this issue is addressed.
    Updated 2014-02-12
    2014 Feb 5 Addition DEER2014 EUL A number of database updates have been applied to the DEER2014 database:
    • Extra measure definitions from DEER2011 removed. These measures had no associated energy impacts because they were not part of the DEER2014 update.
    • EUL table updated with additional records and one change to prior values. Workbook posted on documents the EUL table update.
      • EUL records for CFL lamps with rated life of 6,000, 8,000 and 12,000 hours added.
      • EUL records for hot water equipment simplified by consolidating equipment specification variations that utilized the same EUL values.
      • Residential indoor CFL degradation factor changed to 0.523 from 0.5 to match value in DEER2008 documentation.
    Updated 2014-02-05
    2014 Jan 31 Addition DEER2014 Measure DEER2011 measures and associated energy impacts that were not updated for the DEER2014 release but which remain applicable to the post-DEER2011 period, were added to the DEER2014 database. The measure definitions and energy impacts are the same as in the DEER2011 database. These measures include the green house measures (identified with "Grnhs-Shell-" in the Measure IDs) and the DEER2005 carry-over measures (identified with "D03-" in the Measure IDs). Updated 2014-01-31
    2014 Jan 21 Update DEER2014 EnergyImpact Weighted energy impacts (Existing vintage, IOU territory and Com building type) for commercial CFL and Linear Fluorescent measures with occupancy sensors updated. The previous release (16-Jan-2014) updated the algorithm used to calculate the impacts for lighting measures with occupancy sensors, but the previous weighted energy impacts were not updated. Updated 2014-01-21
    2013 Dec 3 Update DEER2014 Measure Lighting measures that were part of DEER2011 but removed from DEER2014 due to the code update still appeared in the DEER2014 Measure List, but had "zero" associated energy impacts. These measures have been removed from the DEER2014 measure list. Updated 2013-12-03
    2013 Nov 25 Planned Update DEER2014 deer2104
    A draft of the "Ex Ante 13-14 Cycle" database has been made available. This database combines DEER2011 and DEER2014 along with IOU ex ante data. To view this database, use the "Tools => Change Database" option and select "Ex Ante 13-14 Cycle" on the Select Database dialog.
    • Measure definitions that have not changed between DEER2011 and DEER2014 but whose energy impacts have been updated have a single measure definition in DEER1314.
      • The different sets of associated energy impacts are selectable for a given measure definition via the "Impact Qualifier" field.
      • The impact qualifier is presented as a pull-down list for those measures that have qualifiers. Measures that do not have qualifiers have a "Version" value of either DEER2011 or DEER2014.
      • For DEER2014 lighting measures, the impact qualifier is also used to present the occupancy sensor options.
    • Examples of Non-DEER IOU ex ante Measures, Energy Impacts and Measure Costs are included in this database. These records are translations of IOU workpapers and are presented for review and discussion.
    Updated 2013-11-25
    2013 Nov 25 Planned Update DEER2014 deer2104
    The DEER2013 database has been finalized and renamed to "DEER2014". This new convention references the first year the data are applicable. To view this database, use the "Tools => Change Database" option and select "DEER2014 Code Update" on the Select Database dialog.
    • The DEER2005 measures and energy impacts have been removed from DEER2014 and are retained in the DEER2011 version. These measures and energy impacts have not changed for this update.
    • The "Implementations" table and examples of non-DEER data that supported the Implementations table have been removed from this DEER version. The "Implementations" table has been rename "Measure Catalog" and is included in the combined DEER1314 database.
    • The Net-to-Gross Ratio table has been modified:
      • The "HTG" tag, included in the "Hard to Reach" NTGR entries has been changed to "HTR" for clarity.
      • The faucet aerator records have been given the same NTGR_ID, each with with its appropriate applicablity values. This allows a single Measure Catalog entry to connect to both single-family and multi-family ex ante values.
      • "All" Program Delivery Type changed to "Any" to support Measure Catalog link to cost effectiveness values.
    • The GSIA table has been modified:
      • Improved display of GSIA table by adding HTML summary.
      • Fixed the GSIA records for Residential measures that used "Com" in the GSIA_ID name by mistake.
      • GSIA ID: "MFm-IntCF-SCE" changed to "MFm-ExtCF-SCE" to fix typo.
    Updated 2013-11-25