As prescribed in Resolution E-5152 DEER2023 Update, DNV conducted a feasibility assessment for migrating DEER residential building prototypes from using the eQUEST/DOE2TM building energy simulation engine to the EnergyPlusTM engine. Since DNV's assessment found the migration to be feasible, that migration is now underway.  The new DEER residential prototype models are available online. Commercial prototypes will be added in the near future. To access the repository please use this link (sound-data/DEER-Prototypes-EnergyPlus ( This repository contains the EnergyPlus models parametrization framework developed using Modelkit. Therefore, you will only see the parametrized prototype models per building type (in prototypes/residential folder) and the models’ templates (in template/energyplus folder). To create models and run measures (defined in Analysis/../cases folder) you will have to clone the repository to your local machine and follow the provided instructions in the file to generate them. To create a GitHub account visit this link (Join GitHub · GitHub).

Download Title Notes Start Date End Date Date Posted Actions
SFm prototype geometry issue identified

It has come to our attention that one of the planes that defines the attic floor of the SFm building prototype is misaligned with the rest of the attic floor. This will be remedied in the coming month. The UES impacts of this flaw will be reported as well.

2023 Aug 8 2023 Aug 8 See history
EnergyPlus GitHub Repository Training Video

This informative video, discovered on YouTube, was created by an independent user. Reviewed for accuracy, the video demonstrates the step-by-step usage of the DEER Prototypes EnergyPlus repository published by DNV.

2023 Jan 1 2023 Jun 12 See history
EnergyPlus Residential Prototype System 2022-12-21 Webinar

This webinar presents the system that allows paramaterization of the prototype models and collaboration on prototype development. This will replace MC3. The recording of the webinar is also posted here.

2024 Jan 1 2022 Dec 21 See history
EnergyPlus Residential Prototype Calibration Memo This spreadsheet documents the residential prototype characteristics, and shows the sources used to update the HVAC fan energy. Heating systems were assumed to be 15 years old (installed in 2007) since that is the HVAC EUL, i.e. half the systems of that age will have failed so in existing homes half the systems will be older and half will be younger than 15 years. 2024 Jan 1 2023 Mar 1 See history
CZ2022 EnergyPlus Weather data

These are 2022 weather data, source:


2022 Jun 1 2022 Jun 1 See history
Migration to EnergyPlus Webinar - First of three webinars describing the EnergyPlus transition This slide deck describes the transition from using MASControl3 and eQUEST/DOE2 building prototypes to using the EnergyPlus simulation engine to simulate deemed measures. 2024 Jan 1 2022 Dec 27 See history
EnergyPlus Files Data Request 2021-12-16

This memo describes the files and supporting documentation that should be submitted for residential non-DEER measures that were previously modeled using MASControl3 and eQUEST/DOE2 building simulations. Using the submitted content, DNV will migrate the input files to run using the EnergyPlus building simulation engine.

2021 Dec 16 See history