Welcome to CEDARS

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) welcomes you to the California Energy Data and Reporting System (CEDARS).

CEDARS securely manages data associated with California demand-side management (DSM) programs, ensuring quality and improving communication between DSM Program Administrators (PAs), the CPUC, and the public.


CEDARS is optimized for use with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

How CEDARS can help you

Members of the public

May register as a Community user to employ the CET and view dynamic reports in the Data tab.

May download and view:

  • information about the portfolio of programs
  • PA-confirmed claims for the current reporting year
  • budget filings for the upcoming year
  • program documents
  • cost effectiveness data
  • claim data summaries
  • data specifications and value lists
  • history of changes to programs
  • PA-confirmed monthly reports
Program administrators

Can do everything public users can do, plus upload and manage:

  • program definitions and documents
  • claims data
  • budget filings
  • cost effectiveness data
  • monthly report data
CPUC employees

Can do everything public users can do, plus:

  • approve PA data submissions
  • receive notifications about PA data updates and pending action items