Welcome to CEDARS

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) welcomes you to the California Energy Data and Reporting System (CEDARS).

CEDARS securely manages data associated with California demand-side management (DSM) programs, ensuring quality and improving communication between DSM Program Administrators (PAs), the CPUC, and the public.

News: The Cost Effectiveness Tool (CET) is running with Market Effects = 0 as of August 1 at 3pm.

How CEDARS can help you

   Members of the public

May register as a Community user to employ the CET and view dynamic reports in the Data tab.

May download and view:

  • information about the portfolio of programs
  • PA-confirmed claims for the current reporting year
  • budget filings for the upcoming year
  • program documents
  • cost effectiveness data
  • claim data summaries
  • data specifications and value lists
  • history of changes to programs
  • PA-confirmed monthly reports

   Program administrators

Can do everything public users can do, plus upload and manage:

  • program definitions and documents
  • claims data
  • budget filings
  • cost effectiveness data
  • monthly report data

   CPUC employees

Can do everything public users can do, plus:

  • approve PA data submissions
  • receive notifications about PA data updates and pending action items