Previous versions of MASControl3© had incorrectly failed to include the required End-User License Agreement. Users who previously downloaded the software are hereby notified of the missing licensing file and instructed to download the new version.

MASControl3 uses the DOE2© engine. You must maintain a copy of this EULA with the software. This license agreement shall terminate automatically if you fail to comply with any of its terms. Upon termination, you must destroy or return all copies of the Software.

  • NOTE: The MASControl3© workbooks were written for use with 32-bit Microsoft Excel; 64-bit installations are not supported.

Click here to watch a MASControl3 training video. A training powerpoint presentation is availble in the documents below.

Download Title Notes Start Date End Date Date Posted Actions
MASControl Instruction Manual

MASControl Instruction Manual

2021 Jul 1 2023 May 3 See history
MASControl3_Training_DEER 2020 Feb 29 See history
MASControl3 Processing Guide.pdf 2018 Sep 30 See history
2018 MASControl3©

original version, outdated

2018 Sep 30 See history
2019 MASControl3© Package (with Scripts/Support Tables, and workbooks)

Updated the results-processing scripts, with added examples

2019 Jul 29 See history
2020 MASControl3© Package (with Scripts/Support Tables, and workbooks)

Updated results-processing scripts(weight by Res HVAC types and PA consolidation)

2020 Jun 23 See history

CZ2022 weather data in format required for MASControl3

2020 Aug 13 See history

Updated MC3_package

2021 May 6 See history
MASControl3 Training Slides 2019 Jul 29 See history
End User License Agreement (EULA) 2022 Jan 10 See history