Supporting Files

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Modified Lighting Calculator (MLC)

MLC Version 13.1.1 (LOCKED) to be used for all non-residential custom lighting projects starting with projects submitted on the 2022-06-20 bi-monthly upload for custom project review (CPR).

2022 May 27 2022 May 27 See history
DEER2020 Chiller Workbook

To support development of alternative measure definitions for chillers, and to extend the DEER chiller savings calculation methods to custom projects, DEER now includes a chiller savings calculation workbook, DEER2020_Chiller_Workbook-v1.xlsx, which utilizes the DEER chiller simulation results to develop savings of chiller measures that incorporate designated non-DEER measure characteristics.

2022 May 24 See history
Fuel Substitution Information 2022 Mar 24 See history
RACC Workbook for Deemed/Custom Measures

This is the refrigerant leakage avoided cost calculator that must be submitted with  all deemed measure package submissions and custom measure applications involving equipment that contains refrigerant.

2021 Nov 17 2021 Nov 22 See history